Number 6, 2007
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On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Federal State-run unitary enterprise "All-Union Institute of Aircraft Materials" at the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation

Bestuzhev N.I. et al. Physical-and-Chemical Model of Graphitizing Effect of Silicon Foundry Alloys and Its Implementation at the Klintsy Piston Ring Plant
A physical-and-chemical model of graphitizing inoculation is discussed. A process of inoculating treatment of nodular iron has been developed to eliminate chill in oil ring castings at OAO KZPK Foundry

Kvasha F.S. Checking Laboratory Impactors
Methods of evaluating the compaction energy of molding sand samples using a laboratory impactor have been proposed. Results of comparative tests of various impactor designs and recommendations for their installation and servicing have been given.

Mukhomorov I.A. Problems of Machine Manufacture of Cores for Foundry Molds

Budanov Y.N. Role of Personality in the Foundry Industry

Ri E.H. Problems and prospects of effective using of Far East mineral concentrates for manufacture of metallurgical and foundry materials
Results of research on development of production technologies of ferrotungsten, zirconium alloy, blister copper and tin, tin bronze and cupro-iron alloys on the basis of corresponding mineral concentrates of Far East region of the country are brought.

Kapilevich A.N. English Furnaces at AO Petrozavodskmash

Balakleyets I.A. et al. Experience of Mastering Centrifugal-Cast Rollers Production at the Lutugino Roller Plant
A new equipment and technology of centrifugal casting of competitive iron rolls have been developed on Lutuginsky Research and Production Roll Company.

Karanik Y.A. et al. Improving the Durability of Basic Oxygen Lance Heads
Described is the work having been carried out in Russia since 2002 on creating a design and process of manufacturing cast lance heads using the new method of squeeze casting with crystallization under pressure. In 2003 the durability of cast heads was increased to 287 heats, and in 2005 - to 408 heats (metal recovery - 0.95%)

Chichko A.N. et al. The algorithms of the die-casting mould optimization for the CAD of the foundry processes
The structure of the automation for the process of the die-casting mould design was developed. The algorithms for the choosing both the optimal gating system construction and the die-casting mould were described for the different stages of casts design. The criteria for the choosing the optimal mould construction was offered on the base of the data evaluated form the numerical modeling.

Ilyin A. A. Experience of Using the Prototyping Technology for Making Aircraft Unit Parts
Comprehensive research of materials and a number of processes (making patterns, molds, their drying and calcining, and melting and pouring of metal using special vacuum melting-and-pouring plants) made it possible to develop an original process of making uniquely complex aluminum castings using domestic materials and to reduce their production cost by 3-6 times, having cut the time of making them by 4 times.

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