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Tikhonov A.K. et al. Effect of Microstructure on the Strength and Service Properties of Piston Silumins
A new piston alloy based on the known aluminium alloy AK10M2H with a higher, up to 11...13%, silicon content is proposed. Tests of pistons made of experimental alloy performed on test bed engines have confirmed the higher wear resistance of the experimental alloy as compared to the basic one.

Martyushev N.V. et al. Low-Melting Phase Losses during Melting and Solidification of Lead Bronzes
Investigations have resulted in determining the low-melting phase distribution in the casting’s cross-section when casting lead bronzes with high cooling rates. Lead loss due to melting loss has been determined. Results of investigations of lead liberation on the casting surface due to inverse segregation are also given. Percentage of lead being liberated on the surface at different casting cooling rates is given. Possibilities of reducing the loss of low-melting phase due to inverse segregation are shown.

Gruzman V.M. et al. Core Sand Based on Sunflower Oil
Concentration of harmful substances (phenol, formaldehyde, CO, benz(a)pyrene) escaping during core sand drying has been investigated. It has been found that the concentration of harmful substances delivered by the sunflower oil sand does not exceed the maximum permissible concentration and is many times lower than when drying USK-TOP bonded sands.

Chernyshov Ye.A. et al. Development of Low-Waste Resources-Saving Processes of Casting Manufacturing
To control the process of solidification and fine-grain structure formation, a process of casting manufacture in thin-walled metal-shell moulds has been developed. Analysis of the solidification kinetics and metal macrostructure has shown that in thin-walled moulds with external forced cooling the size of the two-phase zone decreases, consecutive solidification occurs and the zone of dense columnar grains increases. The maximum effect has been achieved when using suspension pouring of metal-shell moulds and ease-to-remove risers.

Table of Content

Kabaldin Yu. G. et al. Investigation into Metal Solidification Based on the Synergy Theory Approaches

Tikhonov A. K. et al. Effect of Microstructure on the Strength and Service Properties of Piston Silumins

Martyushev N. V. et al. Low-Melting Phase Losses during Melting and Solidification of Lead Bronzes

Chernyshov Ye. A. et al. Development of Low-Waste Resources-Saving Processes of Casting Manufacturing

Gruzman V. M. et al. Core Sand Based on Sunflower Oil

Production of moulds and cores using chemically hardening binders

Ways of Creating Profitable Foundries at Machine Building Plants

Budanov Ye. N. Production of Brake Disk Castings by the Seiatsu-Process by Way of Example of Some German Companies

Klimenko S. I. State of Ukraine's Foundry Industry and its Developments Prospects

Minayev A. A. Futurology of the Foundry Industry

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