Number 2, 2006
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Protasov D.S. et al. Production of Forming Rolls from Vermicular Graphite Iron
To replace steel rolls that are used along with those from flake and spheroidal graphite irons, a process of making vermicular graphite iron was developed. A mechanical mixture of Vermiloy master alloy in the form of chips and ground FS75 ferrosilicon of the 0.0 … 3.0 mm fraction was used as an inoculating mixture. To determine the mechanical properties of CBXH grade cast iron, 3 standard O 10 mm tensile test specimens each (fillet radius 16 mm) were cut out of the exterior part of two rolls. Prototype rolls made of vermicular graphite iron are undergoing service tests at the integrated works.

Melnikov N.A. Formation of Gas Porosity in Al-Mg Alloy Castings

Petrov V.V. et al. Chemical Activation of Core Sand Filler and Investigating Physical-and-Mechanical Core Properties

Yevstigneyev A.I. Dispersion Reinforcement of Sodium-Silicate Binder

Lechte K. et al. Inorganic Binder System Cordis. Properties and Experience of Use

Gebhardt S. et al. Serial Production of Heads of Cylinder Blocks Using Laempe's New Binder

Yevseyev V.I. et al. Foundry Industry and Industrial Parks

Bach Fr.-W. et al. Magnesium Alloys with Magnetic Properties

World Casting Production in 2004

Degtyarenko G.I. Review of international information

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