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The Policy of Enhancing the Competitiveness of Russia's Economy. The National Report (continued)

Kryukov V.S. Metallurgical Production Facilities at the Kovrov Electromechanical Plant
The article is dedicated to the development history of the leading enterprise of the defense industry - Kovrov Electromechanical Plant and its main departments - foundry and general mechanical rubber goods and plastics. Higher demands on the product quality stimulated re-equipment and creation of alternative ecologically clean production processes, which allowed improving the products' properties and manufacturing competitive products.

Melting. Melt Treatment

Ryabchikov I.V. Materials for Out-of-Furnace Treatment of Iron-Carbon Melts
The development of the promising trend to using processes of microalloying and inoculation of steel and cast iron is impeded by the complexity and relatively high cost of technical solutions to produce materials. The main concept consists in providing energy- and resources saving in the ferroalloy production, steelmaking and stocking facilities, as well as safety, manufacturability, and high technical-and-economic indicators of production and use of materials.

Doroshenko M.M. et al. Production of Measured Charge Billets from Casting Rejects of Heat-Resistant Alloys by Electroslag Remelting
The process of refining casting rejects of heat-resistant nickel-based alloys is discussed. The process proposed consists in electroslag remelting (ESR) of electrodes made without preliminary remelting of casting rejects, and electrodes made from casting rejects, but pre-melted in a vacuum furnace. The ES ingots produced are cut to measured charge billets for the production of complex shaped castings in vacuum. The ESR of casting rejects allows utilizing the return of the own production in the charge, which considerably increases the metal recovery without lowering the product quality and reliability.

Modern Materials

Ivanova V.S. Modified Chart of Materials' Structure Adaptation to Exposures
The modified structure adaptation map of the construction materials to the external influence with the aim of their optimization for the given exploitation conditions has been developed.
Materials, to which a multifractal structure described by pseudospectrum corresponds, improve their adaptation properties with the aid of cumulative feedback.

Semyonov V.I. et al. Spontaneous Processes and Melt Structure Near Equilibrium Solidification Temperature
Mechanisms of intra- and interatomic interactions determining spontaneous processes in the melt are discussed. A concept of melt structure near equilibrium solidification temperature is formulated. The duality of properties of liquid state is explained, and the active natural influence of melt structure on the formation of a primary cast structure is noted.

Guzenkov S.A. et al. Forecasting of constructional durability of products from pure steel
In the paper it is experimentally shown that increase of chemical cleanliness of metal does not guarantee additive increase in constructional durability of finished articles, especially in the field of fragile destruction.
On the basis of the conducted investigations the conceptual mathematical model of forecasting of steel constructional durability with very low maintenance of impurity which allows not only to expect characteristic of its properties and structures with a high share of probability, but it also can be applied for designing technology of manufacturing of preparations with an optimum combination of these characteristics.

21st Century Technologies

The Energy of the Future (continued)

Khoroshilov O.N. Optimizing Continuous Casting Parameters
The work has revealed and investigated the main continuous casting process parameters aimed at higher yield. The expediency of decreasing the deformation of the billet surface, and its minimum value to ensure the necessary engagement between the billet and the withdrawal-roll set have been determined.

Information. News Items

Degtyarenko G.I. Review of International and Domestic Information

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